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Precision Leather Crafters specializes in all Leather, Suede and Shearling cleaning & refinishing.
We specialize in High End Leather Repairs. Any stain in leather we can get out. Got a wine stain on your leather jacket or handbag? No Problem! Any finished leather we can remove all stains, ink, everything!
All work is done On-Site. Precision Leather Crafters has over 40 years of experience.
We stand behind all of our work. All Leather, Suede, and Shearlings articles are all done by hand. We get great results with hand cleaning on Leather, Suede and Shearlings. We are able to rejuvenate Suede and also offer protection on Suede garments and bags.
Stop by Precision Leather Crafters when you're in town and we'll be happy to show you our repair factory.
Unlike many of our competitors, leather repair is our sole business. We are not retailers. Whether it's your prized luxury handbag, wallet or favorite jacket, rest assured that it will receive 100% percent of our attention. The results speak for themselves.
So, how does it work?
We're glad you ask, there are two convenient options;
In Shop:
We are located in West Babylon, Long Island so if you are nearby you can bring your item directly to us.
Mail-In: Discount Shipping Available
Please print and complete our Repair Form. Enclose a copy of the Repair Form with the item to be repaired and ship it to our shop. Upon receipt, we will evaluate the item and call you with an estimate.
No surprises. No add-ons.
If you approve, you can give us your Visa or MasterCard information over the phone. We will repair your item and ship it back to you.
If not, don't worry, we appreciate your consideration and will send it back to you at our cost.
70 Dale Street, West Babylon, NY 11704 Telephone: 516-997-7000